States Clamp Down on Dog Breeding and Selling Facilities

Some state governments are working to enact strict laws that will require dog breeders and retailers to maintain clean, humane shelter for the pooches thet are sellng.  In Montana, legislation has been introduced (HB 548) that would regulate pet stores and dog breeders and require the state to conduct regular, unannounced inspections of those facilities.   If adopted, the new rules would would cover dog health standards, as well as procedures the the department must follow to implement facility registration and inspection, beginning on July 1, 2009.  Under the new laws, facility operators would be required to pay a biennial registration fee of $415.

In Maine, legislators are are working to increase its annual pet shop licensing fees from $150, to $150 plus $500 for each dog offered for sale in the previous year.  The state is also aiming to impose big increases in license fees to dogs owners that have failed to have their companions spayed or neutered.  Owners of dogs over six months old that are capable of reproducing would be subject to a $150 license fee, as opposed to the current $11.  Proponents of the new legislation are calling it “an act to ensure humane dog and cat breeding in the state.”

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