Loving a Dog or Cat Equates to Good Health

Why do we spend extra time and money to provide good food, herbs and supplements to our companion animals? 

The obvious answer, of course, is because we love them. It’s no big secret that people like you and I cherish our pets as integral, non-human family members.  But the attraction and bond to animals goes deeper than just affection and respect— animals help heal us.  They keep us healthy and happy, and its our job to return their gifts by providing them with the care and attention they need.  A new article titled,  Why Pets are Good for Us by Steve Dale in USA Weekend illuminates the healthful gifts that dogs and cats give to their humans everyday.  Read it, then go hug and kiss your companions—  and always make sure they get the food, exercise, holistic care and environment they need to be healthy and happy— the rewards are tremendous!  Read More…

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