How to Cure a Cat’s Anxiety

anxious kittyThere is more than one way to tame a housecat.  Those who follow this blog may be already aware that the use of herbal calming formulas may work to temporarily take the edge off of the fidgety feline (see “Herbs for the Anxious Dog or Cat”, May, 2009).   But there are other options too, especially if something is known about what may be going on in Kitty’s head.

In an article published July 31, 2015 in New York Times Magazine, “How to Cure a Cat’s Anxiety”, author Malia Wollan cites impulse-control problems, phobias, anxiety, violent outbursts and compulsive disorders as some of the underlying problems that may contribute to  anxiety in cats. In the short article,  E’Lise Christensen, a veterinary behaviorist with practices in Manhattan and Denver tells us, ‘‘Unfortunately, you cannot put a cat on a couch and say, ‘Tell me about your mother’ ” . (‘‘Think of us as animal psychiatrists,’’ she says.)  Still, you can treat the kind of underlying feline psychological distress that leads to biting, scratching, moping and urinating outside the litter box.   —- GT




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