Natural Pets TV, Starring herbalist Greg Tilford has Launched!

I am very happy to announce that I have completed taping 16 episodes of Natural Pets TV, which will air every two weeks on Roku Network’s Pet World Insider channel, and simultaneously on the Pet World Insider YouTube Channel.   This is a program that showcases experts in the natural pet world sharing knowledge, expertise and experience with pet parents who want to do better for their pets.
The experts share discuss a wide variety of issues, topics and questions surrounding the natural pet world. Each episode focuses on a different aspect of pet body systems, issues, concerns and how to address them naturally, proactively and reactively. The foundation of health and wellness can greatly be strengthed with natural, holistic and common sense approaches to your pets care.

Episode 1 topics include:
The concept of holistic wellness and holistic thinking. Where it all begins, changing the ways we think, Animal needs vs. human needs, Addressing symptoms vs. supporting wellness, Diet, The big picture: what we do, and we do for them affects us all, Green pet care and Keeping a pet care diary


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